Graham Isaac, Visiting Professor at the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, University of Leeds, reviews biomedical resources from the IMechE Library. Members can follow the links to find out about accessing titles. Ten recent online book titles Artificial organ engineering, 2017 Reviews the fundamentals of artificial organs: diffusion, mass transfer coefficient, membrane operations, adsorption and bioreactors. Details the basic requirements of major currently used … Continue reading TOP BIOMEDICAL RESOURCES


New Science Direct e-books IMechE members now have access to new e-books through Science Direct on topics from materials and medical devices to waste management and oil and gas engineering. Click the links in the list below to download the full text of the books as PDF documents. Visit Library Search to explore the full range of resources. Microfabrication and Precision Engineering Editor: J. Paulo … Continue reading NEW E-BOOKS


SAE and ASME resources now available from the IMechE Virtual Library The Library team have secured online access to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) digital papers for all IMechE members.  These high-quality resources provide everything you need to help streamline your designs. ASME technical journal and conference papers, now available From anywhere in the world, Members can search … Continue reading NEW FOR 2017: SAE and ASME TITLES

Golden Arrow test model


The Wind Tunnel Test Model of the Golden Arrow World Land Speed Record Car, designed by Captain John Samuel  Irving and driven by Major Sir Henry Segrave, 1929. The Arrow was also known as the Irving Special.  The Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers [vol. 118, 1930, p.174] record that the Golden Arrow: was the motor car in which Sir Henry Segrave set up … Continue reading OBJECTS OF ENGINEERING-Golden Arrow model

John Alfred Griffiths membership form


We get a great range of enquiries about the history of mechanical engineering and also, due to the launch of our membership records on Ancestry, we have had a surge of interest from people trying to uncover their family history. At the Institution we are expanding our digitisation programme to make our collections as accessible as possible. Digitisation is a long, expensive and sometimes unsuitable … Continue reading USING ARCHIVES

Fuselage Arrangement of the Experimental Aeroplane E28:39 from The First James Clayton Lecture: The Early History of the Whittle Jet Propulsion Gas Turbine Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers June 1945 152: 419-435


Since 1847 Proceedings from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers meetings have been published. As the successor body of the Institutions of Automobile and Locomotive Engineers the collection covers the full range of mechanical engineering expertise (see below for a full list of titles). This vast archive of over 150 years worth of engineering knowledge is available to view in our Library at 1 Birdcage Walk or online … Continue reading IMechE PROCEEDINGS

Library from above


In a joint project with Max Communications we are developing an exciting new remote learning space. The first new resource is a virtual library tour which will allow researchers to discover our library from the comfort of their own homes, wherever those homes might be. Use the target points to move around the page, test the link on the computer screens and go to the … Continue reading 3D LIBRARY AND MUSEUM PROJECT


We’ve just added a new set of fulltext e-books to the Knovel service for members in the Virtual Library. Top titles include Advanced engineering design, Forsthoffer’s best practice handbook for rotating machinery and the Subsea engineering handbook. They complement the thousands of ebooks, ejournals and databases already available to members online. Find the top resources for your industry in our updated subject guides. Virtual Library, … Continue reading NEW E-BOOKS