WWI engineering workshop


International Women in Engineering Day is a global celebration of women past, present and future. As was the case in many professions, female pioneers in mechanical engineering had to work hard to break into a male dominated profession. The issue of women members was first raised in the Institution of Automobile Engineers (IAE) in May 1907. Miss Cleone de Heveningham Benest (1880-1963) wrote to find out … Continue reading CELEBRATING WOMEN

Women factory workers 1917


Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines Guest blog from Henrietta Heald Loughborough University’s Pioneering Women: There must be some sort of creative magic in the air of Loughborough. This thought occurred to me last week when I heard that two 16-year-old schoolboys from the Leicestershire town had been jointly awarded the title Young Engineer of the Year. Sankha Kahagala-Gamage and David Bernstein won the prize for inventing a vest … Continue reading CLAUDIA & VERENA

Verena Holmes Membership Proposal


This week marked not only Women in Engineering day, but also 125 years since the birth of Verena Holmes: the first female member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Born 23rd June 1889, in Kent, Verena showed a keen interest in engineering from an early age. Holmes began employment at Ruston and Hornsby superintending the selection, control and welfare of 1,500 female employees. However, her … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY SERIES- Verena Holmes

Verena Holmes first female IMechE member


At the 15th March 1918 meeting of the IMechE a member of the audience rose to read a paper on employment in munitions factories. The speaker was a woman; the first to present a paper before the Institution’s membership.Olive Monkhouse worked for the Home Office and her interest was the type of labour best-suited to female workers, in terms of welfare conditions, working hours and … Continue reading PIONEERING WOMEN