Steam turbine blades from an early sketch by Sir Charles Parsons

OBJECTS OF ENGINEERING-steam turbine notebook

Charles Algernon Parsons, Steam Turbine Notebook, 1894-1897  Last time we looked at the unconventional side of Parsons inventiveness (his quest for diamonds), this time we look at the work he is best known for. Parsons’ notebook features notes, calculations and sketches by Parsons on experimental parallel-flow (or axial-flow steam turbines) and related material. It is fully readable on our virtual archive. Best known for his … Continue reading OBJECTS OF ENGINEERING-steam turbine notebook

Cunard liner


When Titanic went down in 1912 three members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers went with it.  Most famously, Thomas Andrews the ship’s designer (Member from 1902), by the time of the sinking he had become managing director of the design department.  It was standard practise for a group of Harland and Wolff workers to travel on newly built ships’ maiden voyages to observe them … Continue reading TITANIC