James Nasmyth’s Steam Hammer This model, in the IMechE’s collection, is made to 1/8th scale and based on the steam hammer made at Nasmyth’s works in Patricroft, Manchester. It shows the hammer with the self-acting improvement patented in June 1847. Through harnessing the power of steam Nasmyth’s hammer revolutionised existing mechanised hammers leading to both reduction in costs and improvements in quality of forging iron. … Continue reading JAMES NASMYTH AND THE STEAM HAMMER

Latest project before painting.


Cherry Hinds Hill is a well-known name to those in the model engineering world and her models are considered remarkable for their quality. The Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Trophy and the Championship Cup has been won by Cherry 9 times. Yet she has always maintained a low profile-she has allowed her work to speak for her. Cherry’s models are based on both historic working engines … Continue reading CHERRY HILL

Christian Friedrich Lautenschlager in a Mercedes in the 1914 French Grand Prix


Planes, trains and automobiles: mechanical engineering archives now online Over 1900 images from the archives and historic book collection of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) are now available online via VADS. From pictures of experimental cars, aeroplanes, engine designs, engineers portraits, railway locomotives and much more. Highlights include works of art of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, images of Napier engines, design drawings of … Continue reading IMAGE LIBRARY ONLINE


Announcing the launch of our new and improved archive catalogue, archive cat. Archive cat provides a gateway to 1000’s of records charting the history of the Institution and of mechanical engineering; the archive is open to all. Railway engineering, manufacturing, power plant development and automobile development are particularly well represented through personal and company papers. Personal papers of prominent mechanical engineers include those of George … Continue reading ARCHIVE CATALOGUE

Happy Christmas Eve! 'The Christmas Tree', by Albert Chevallier Tayler, 1911.


2014 has been a year of great activity in the archive, pathing the way for exciting developments in 2015. This year cannot go past without mentioning those who lost their lives, while members of this Institution, during the First World War. We have commemorated them in a number of ways, through our Honour Roll and Engineers at War: from Home Front to Battle Front exhibition. … Continue reading 2014 REVIEW

Golden Arrow test model


The Wind Tunnel Test Model of the Golden Arrow World Land Speed Record Car, designed by Captain John Samuel  Irving and driven by Major Sir Henry Segrave, 1929. The Arrow was also known as the Irving Special.  The Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers [vol. 118, 1930, p.174] record that the Golden Arrow: was the motor car in which Sir Henry Segrave set up … Continue reading OBJECTS OF ENGINEERING-Golden Arrow model

Library from above


In a joint project with Max Communications we are developing an exciting new remote learning space. The first new resource is a virtual library tour which will allow researchers to discover our library from the comfort of their own homes, wherever those homes might be. Use the target points to move around the page, test the link on the computer screens and go to the … Continue reading 3D LIBRARY AND MUSEUM PROJECT