Flying testbed B2 Canberra WK163 fitted with a NSc D1-2 Double Scorpion rechargeable booster rocket. Stamped on rear - Napier Luton Airport, Neg no 22641, and Secret.


Whether you are in Dundee, Devises, Doha or Delhi you can now gain access to key items held in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers archive collection, all for free, just by going online. Curated from our extensive physical collections, our Virtual Archive showcases a selection of models, items, drawings, notebooks, photographs and documents about the history of engineering and the Institution. We have captured 3D … Continue reading VIRTUAL ARCHIVE: ENGINEERING HISTORY ONLINE

Before and after alterations made to Boulton & Watt valves. From the beautifully illustrated notebooks of Henry Wright.


It would be a fair bet to assume that the vast majority of mechanical engineers have heard and know something of James Watt but what of his somewhat overshadowed partner Matthew Boulton? Since 1825 Watt has been honoured in Westminster Abbey, now Boulton is to receive the same recognition. So who is Matthew Boulton? The son of a Birmingham manufacturer of small metal products, Boulton … Continue reading MATTHEW BOULTON