Front cover of the programme for the opening ceremony for One Birdcage Walk


The 16th and 17th May 2019 mark the 120th anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of 1 Birdcage Walk, home today to the IMechE. This blog post uses material from our archive to reveal more about the Opening Ceremony and the planning behind it. A rapidly growing membership meant that the Institution’s needs could no longer be met in its temporary locations first in Birmingham, then in … Continue reading 120 YEARS SINCE ONE BIRDCAGE WALK’S OPENING CEREMONY

Lovelace's diagram from Note G, the first published computer algorithm


11th Oct 2016 is Ada Lovelace Day (ALD). It is an international day of celebration of women’s achievements in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The day aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and thereby create new role models who will encourage more girls into STEM careers. One way of doing this is through providing resources for schools. It also aims to support women currently … Continue reading ADA LOVELACE DAY

Prosthetic Arm


Our Engineering history timeline needs you! Covering c6000 BD-2014 AD we highlight key moments of invention and leaps forward in engineering. Now, we want you to tell us what key inventions we have missed. All we need is the date of the invention etc and some brief details. Engineering has been an integral factor throughout history and a crucial instrument of change and development, from the … Continue reading ENGINEERING TIMELINE

View of the fleet from an airship


“Battle cruiser seems in distress…” On 5th June 1916, a German u-boat mine claimed a prize- the life of Field Marshall Earl of Kitchener, Minister for War. He had been enroute to persuade the Russian Tsar to keep his troops engaged in the First World War. With him were 643 crew and his staff. Also killed were two IMechE members, Sir Frederick Hay Donaldson and … Continue reading HMS HAMPSHIRE SINKS

Architect's proposed front elevation, IMechE by Basil Slade


In May 1899, the current home of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers was opened. The Institution began not in London, but in Birmingham in 1847.  By the 1870s the Institution decided to move to London. They had been holding meetings in London since 1851 (the year of the Great Exhibition) and decided that it was time to move south. They’d be closer to parliament for … Continue reading ONE BIRDCAGE WALK

Haslett, Dame Caroline - seated at desk

ANNIVERSARIES SERIES – Dame Caroline Haslett

This month makes 120 years since the birth of Dame Caroline Haslett. Dame Haslett was born on 17th August 1895 in West Sussex. The daughter of a railway signal fitter/activist, Haslett had an interest in engineering from a young age. After leaving school, she worked at the Cochran Boiler Company as a junior clerk, becoming both a manager of the office and then during the … Continue reading ANNIVERSARIES SERIES – Dame Caroline Haslett

Sir James Alfred Ewing


This month we celebrate 130 years since the birth of Sir James Alfred Ewing. Ewing was born in 1855, and was both member and honorary fellow of the Institution. He was born in Dundee, and was awarded the first engineering scholarship to study at the University of Edinburgh. After he graduated, he worked as an assistant to Professor Fleeming Jenkin and Sir William Thomson in … Continue reading ANNIVERSARIES SERIES – Sir James Alfred Ewing


In this series, we will be celebrating the anniversaries of a selection of people who made important contributions to engineering. This month marks 120 years since the birth of Constance Tipper. Constance Tipper was a metallurgist and crystallographer, and one of the first women to take the Natural Sciences Tripos at Newnham College, Cambridge. From 1949-1960 she was the only female full member of the … Continue reading ANNIVERSARIES SERIES-Constance Tipper