This series of resources guides take a closer look at the databases our members have access to through the IMechE Library.

This time we’re exploring Access Engineering – an award-winning engineering reference and teaching platform. Access Engineering provides access to 700 handbooks, as well as materials and properties data, equations, and instructional videos covering every major discipline.


Access Engineering is part of McGraw-Hill Education, so you can be sure that the handbooks and textbooks available are from one of the top engineering publishers.

Search the latest editions of renowned engineering handbooks such as Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, and the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, as well as hundreds of other expert references.

You can search and browse by subject, industry, or course to find the information you need.

Screenshot of the Access Engineering homepage

You can read the ebook straight from the web page, or download PDFs of each chapter.

Screenshot of an ebook table of contents
Screenshot of an ebook chapter


DataVis is an interactive data visualisation tool to help you explore materials and their properties. You can compare properties across multiple materials or find a property value for a single material.

You can view the data in an interactive graph or table.

Data for tensile strength viewed in a graph
Data for tensile strength view in a table

The site will prompt that you need a personal account to save projects, but you can click ‘cancel’ to use DataVis without saving.


The spreadsheets tool allows you solve frequently used engineering calculations.

A screenshot of a spreadsheet
A screenshot of sources of the above spreadsheet data

A really useful feature with the spreadsheet tool is that you can see the sources of the information and view the spreadsheet in context within that particular book. This is a great feature to allow you to discover useful texts.


Access Engineering offers over 900 instructional videos covering every major discipline, from aerospace engineering to mechanical engineering, as well as mathematics and science.

Screenshot of an instructional video

Again, quite usefully, we can see the source of the video, and view it in context:

Screenshot of a video in an ebook

So, to recap:

You can read and search the latest editions of expert handbooks and textbooks

Explore material properties with DataVis

Accurately solve complex engineering equations with downloadable Excel spreadsheets

Watch engineering solutions in action with hundreds of faculty-created videos

Browse content by subject, industry, or course to find the information you need

You can access Access Engineering through our library resources page here.

As always, if you have any questions or enquiries, contact the library team!


+44 (0)20 7973 1274

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