The Unmanned Aircraft Challenge (UAS) was launched in 2014 with the key objectives of developing professional engineers and inspiring the next generation. Teams of undergraduates from all over the world take part, undertaking a full design and build cycle of a UAS with specific mission objectives.

This year, the event is taking place virtually, with the virtual awards ceremony taking place on 19th June. Teams will have a chance to win the following awards: Design Award, Highest Placed New Entrant Award, Innovation Award, Business Proposition Award, Safety Award, and a Media and Engagement Award. See the UAS twitter account for more information.

Is your team ready? Use our online resources to be the best prepared team in this highly anticipated event!

Simply click on the titles below and sign in with your IMechE details.

Find out all about the UAS Challenge here.

Small Unmanned Fixed-wing Aircraft Design

A Practical Approach

Andrew J. Keane, András Sóbester, James P. Scanlan


The book covers both the practical aspects of designing, manufacturing and flight testing and outlines and the essential calculations needed to underpin successful designs.  It is predominantly aimed at under-graduate and MSc level student design and build projects, but will be of interest to anyone engaged in the practical problems of getting quite complex unmanned aircraft flying. It is the essential guide to designing, building and testing fixed wing UAVs (or drones). It deals with aircraft from two to 150 kg in weight and is based on the first-hand experiences of the world renowned UAV team at the UK’s University of Southampton.

Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Kimon P. Valavanis, George J. Vachtsevanos


The Handbook covers all aspects of UAVs, from design to logistics and ethical issues. For the first time, contributions by the world’s top experts from academia, industry, government and the private sector, are brought together to provide unique perspectives on the current state-of-the-art in UAV, as well as future directions.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAVS Design, Development and Deployment

Reg Austin


This text delivers a much needed introduction to UAV System technology, taking an integrated approach that avoids compartmentalising the subject. Arranged in four sections, parts 1-3 examine the way in which various engineering disciplines affect the design, development and deployment of UAS. The fourth section assesses the future challenges and opportunities of UAS.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Breakthroughs in Research and Practice


This book is a critical source of academic knowledge on the design, construction, and maintenance of drones, as well as their applications across all aspects of society. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, and situation awareness, this publication is an ideal reference source for graduate-level students.

Advanced UAV Aerodynamics, Flight Stability and Control

Novel Concepts, Theory and Applications

Dr Pascual Marqués, Dr Andrea Da Ronch


This book presents emerging aerospace technologies in the rapidly growing field of unmanned aircraft engineering. Leading scientists, researchers and inventors describe the findings and innovations accomplished in current research programs and industry applications throughout the world. Topics included cover a wide range of new aerodynamics concepts and their applications for real world fixed-wing (airplanes), rotary wing (helicopter) and quad-rotor aircraft.

Standard Handbook for Aerospace Engineers

Brij N. Agrawal, Max F. Platzer

2nd edition, 2018

A single source of essential information for aerospace engineers. This fully revised resource presents theories and practices from more than 50 specialists in the many sub-disciplines of aeronautical and astronautical engineering—all under one cover. The text contains complete details on classic designs as well as the latest techniques, materials, and processes used in aviation, defence, and space systems. You will get insightful, practical coverage of the gamut of aerospace engineering technologies along with hundreds of informative diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Design and Development of Aircraft Systems

Allan Seabridge, Ian Moir

Third edition, 2019

This book is written for anyone who wants to understand how industry develops the customer requirement for aircraft into a fully integrated, tested, and qualified product that is safe to fly and fit for purpose. The new edition fully expands its already comprehensive coverage to include both conventional and unmanned systems. It also updates all chapters to bring them in line with current design practice and technologies taught in courses at Cranfield, Bristol, and Loughborough universities in the UK.

Aircraft Control and Simulation

Dynamics, Controls Design, and Autonomous Systems

Third edition, 2015

This book is a comprehensive guide to aircraft control and simulation. This updated text covers flight control systems, flight dynamics, aircraft modeling, and flight simulation from both classical design and modern perspectives, as well as two new chapters on the modeling, simulation, and adaptive control of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

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