We haven’t had a new book update since July, and we’ve acquired 79 new titles since then, so allow us to show off some of our latest ebook acquisitions! These new books are available through our catalogue and are really handy for our worldwide members. Have a browse through some of the titles we’ve selected, and happy reading!

Click on the titles to access (login with your IMechE credentials).

Design of Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines is a comprehensive reference which covers the design of foundations for offshore wind turbines, and includes examples and case studies.

A Practical Guide to Welding Solutions addresses the numerous technical and material-specific issues that can interfere with success.

Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures gives an overview of: the relevant ageing processes and hazards; how ageing processes are managed through the life cycle; how an engineer should go about assessing a structure that is to be operated beyond its original design life, and how ageing can be mitigated for safe and effective continued operation.

Principles of Forensic Engineering Applied to Industrial Accidents is a concise and introductory volume to the forensic engineering discipline which helps the reader to recognise the link among those important, very specialised aspects of the same problem in the global strategy of learning from accidents (or near-misses).

Safety in Design is an indispensable working resource for chemical, civil, mechanical, risk, and safety engineers, as well as professional R&D scientists, and process safety professionals. It is also a useful reference for insurers who deal with catastrophic loss potentials, and for government personnel who regulate or monitor industrial plants and procedures, traffic systems, and more.

Renewable Energy and Climate Change, 2nd Edition starts by examining our hunger for energy—how much we need, how much we use, and how much it is costing us. It then looks at the state of climate change today and the causes. It also looks at the many alternative sources of energy generation, and finishes with a look at the future of the subject, shining a light on some positive examples of sustainable energy.

Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials: First Principles and Concepts is an ideal text for advanced academics and industry professionals involved with biomass and renewable resources, bioenergy, biorefining, biotechnology, materials science, sustainable chemistry, chemical engineering, crop science and technology, agriculture.

Effective Project Management is based around an activities and action check list approach to project management. It provides a guide to the basic principles and the disciplines that managers need to master in order to be successful.

Bioinspired Materials Science and Engineering offers a comprehensive view of the science and engineering of bioinspired materials and includes a discussion of biofabrication approaches and applications of bioinspired materials as they are fed back to nature in the guise of biomaterials.

Advanced Battery Management Technologies for Electric Vehicles is a compilation of contemporary model-based state estimation methods and battery charging and balancing techniques, providing readers with practical knowledge of both fundamental concepts and practical applications.

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