Written papers produced as part of a conference are very popular among IMechE library users. They are a great place to find original content and cutting-edge ideas because of their short length and faster publication process. This blog post shows you how to access conference papers through your IMechE membership.



ASME publishes around 100 proceedings volumes annually on topics encompassing the entire spectrum of subject areas of interest to mechanical engineers and associated disciplines. Recent volumes include:

  • Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Fluids (November 9–15, 2018)
  • Micro- and Nano-Systems Engineering and Packaging (November 9–15, 2018)
  • Acoustics, Vibration, and Phononics (November 9–15, 2018)

You can access individual conference papers from 2008 to the present through the ASME Digital Collection. Login with your IMechE details.


IMechE conferences are generally available as physical volumes, which are available for free postal loan to IMechE members based in Europe. If you’re based outside Europe, you can request scans of individual papers from us. Papers are all listed in the library catalogue, so they’ll appear in your search results if their topic is relevant. You can restrict your results to conference papers using the options on the left-hand menu.

If you find a whole conference that is of interest, you can select “contents” to see a list of individual papers. In some cases, we’ve been permitted to add the papers to the catalogue so that they are freely available. This will appear in the results as “PDF/e-book”, as below:

Conference Papers

You can also search historic IMechE proceedings online, which contain early instances of ideas and inventions which went on to have great importance. For example, why not take a look at Hiram Maxim’s own description of the mechanical arrangement of the first Maxim gun, as presented at IMechE in 1885?

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