You’ll have already heard that IMechE membership gives you access to the full range of Library Services, but did you know that it also provides online access to core handbooks? This post shows you how to get quickly to those texts you need on a regular basis, saving you time and money.

The library’s simple search box is the easiest way to find any resource, and is a great place to start when looking for handbooks. Typing ‘Roark’, for example, shows the online and physical edition of Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain as the first result. Clicking ‘Full Text Online’ will allow you access (login using your IMechE credentials).


If you’re looking for engineering fundamentals or formulas, it’s easier to go directly to individual platforms rather than through the library search. Access Engineering and Knovel search a range of handbooks right down to page level, taking you directly to the information you need.

Access Engineering includes key handbooks published by McGraw Hill, including Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain (as above), Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineer and Pump Handbook.  It also has some really useful features, with options to export data to Excel, and lots of additional non-text content (interactive graphs, example videos). The links here, and those on the library website, take you straight to the sign-in page to enter your IMechE credentials.

In Knovel, data is also presented in an interactive format, which can be exported to PDF, CSV file or Microsoft Excel. The example below is taken from Machinery’s Handbook. You can also download individual chapters to a variety of portable devices, which mean you can carry the information you need wherever you need it.


The library’s simple search box is the best way to search across all other platforms. Once you know which online platform houses your favoured handbook, you can go directly there via the links on our library website. Each platform has its own unique features. Here are a couple of examples:

Introduction to the Design and Behavior of Bolted Joints is available via Taylor & Francis. By signing in with your IMechE credentials, you can read the full work online, or download individual chapters, which again gives you the flexibility to take it wherever it is needed.

Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook is available via ScienceDirect, for reading online or for download. It also includes access to interactive tables, a graph digitizer and a converter calculator once you have registered on the book’s companion site (full details at the foot of the linked page).

Don’t forget, if you ever have problems finding or accessing the resources you need, you can contact the library at

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers


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