The Library currently has trial access to around 250 new Taylor and Francis ebooks. This is in addition to the 100 titles we already hold. At the end of the trial period, the most heavily used titles will be kept.

The ebooks cover a range of topics from materials and alternative energy to risk management and product development. Below is a selection of the titles on offer.

Visit Taylor & Francis to explore the full list of titles (or scroll down to the direct link on the library search page).

product-imageShape Memory Materials (2018)

Addresses the basic principles, synthesis/fabrication and applications of smart materials, specifically shape memory materials. The mechanisms of transformations vary in different shape memory materials and are discussed in different chapters under the titles of shape memory alloys, ceramics, gels and polymers.

Corrosion Science and Technology (3rd edition, 2018)

Covers the basic principles of corrosion science and enlarges the scope of the content with expanded chapters on processes for various metals and new technologies for limiting costs and metal degradation in a variety of commercial enterprises.

Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes (2nd edition, 2017)

Explains the theories of biological processes, biomass materials and logistics, and conversion technologies for bioenergy products such as biogas, ethanol, butanol, biodiesel, and synthetic gases.

product-imageAutomotive Product Development: A Systems Engineering Implementation (2017)

Explores how to develop future automotive products by applying the latest methodologies based on a systems engineering approach. Intended for company management personnel and graduate students in engineering, business management and other disciplines associated with the development of automotive and other complex products.

product-imageSupply Chain Risk Management (2017)

Presents the concepts of ICT supply chain risk management from the perspective of NIST IR 800-161.

product-imageAn Introduction to Organisational Behaviour for Managers and Engineers (2nd edition, 2017)

Gives a comprehensive overview of how organisations work, with a special focus on group and team working, and issues of diversity and intercultural management. This new edition offers a new chapter on organisational change; case studies and illustrations; and more cross-referencing between chapters.

Browse the complete list of online titles from all publishers that we have access to on our A-Z list of ebooks, or visit library search to discover the full range of key engineering resources that we have on offer.

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