Graham Isaac, Visiting Professor at the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, University of Leeds, reviews biomedical resources from the IMechE Library. Members can follow the links to find out about accessing titles.

Ten recent online book titles

artificial organ engineering

  1. Artificial organ engineering, 2017

Reviews the fundamentals of artificial organs: diffusion, mass transfer coefficient, membrane operations, adsorption and bioreactors. Details the basic requirements of major currently used artificial organs, such as kidney, liver and lung.

2. Biomedical informatics, 2014978-3-319-04528-3

Reviews the interaction of computer and life sciences. Topics include fundamentals, different types of medical databases, data mining and data security. Of interest to mechanical engineers collecting and analysing biomedical data.

  1. Biomedical devices: design, prototying and manufacturing, 2016

Good general overview of the design process, but some quoted standards and regulations have been superseded.

  1. Healthcare systems engineering, 2016

Review of healthcare delivery systems and their components. Considers stakeholders’ global healthcare issues, challenges, spending and outcomes, and drivers. Comprehensive review for understanding the healthcare landscape.

  1. Biomedical engineering handbook, 2015

biomedical engineering handbookComprehensive series of books giving an overview of all major aspects of biomedical engineering. Comprises four volumes:

  • Biomedical engineering fundamentals: covering physiologic systems, biomechanics, biomaterials, bioelectric phenomena, and neuroengineering
  • Medical devices and human engineering: covering sensors, medical instruments and devices, and engineering aspects of human performance and rehabilitation, and clinical engineering
  • Biomedical signals, imaging and informatics: covering biosignal processing, medical and infrared imaging, and informatics
  • Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering: covering molecular biology, transport phenomena and biometric systems, simulations and control, stem cell and tissue engineering, artificial organs, personalised medicine, and ethics.

Of interest to anybody working in the field.

  1. Medical device regulatory practices, an international perspective, 2015

medical device regulatoryCovers all major aspects of regulatory practice, including regulatory frameworks, safety and effectiveness, documentation, pre- and post-markets phases, and regulatory submission.

Comprehensive overview but in a rapidly changing regulatory environment, specific requirements need to be sourced directly from the relevant bodies.

  1. Usability testing of medical device design, 2016

usability testing

Covers general principles of the increasingly important field of usability testing as applied to medical devices. Includes topics such as relationship to project management, types of tests, recruiting participants and documenting the test. Also gives the limitations of the book and a cautionary disclaimer.

  1. Tissue engineering, 20153-s2.0-C20130005646-cov150h

Topics covered are very much in line with the title. Comprehensive and biology-based. However a number of areas may be of interest to mechanical engineers. For example: degradation of biomaterials, fabrication, cell-material interactions, and ethical issues.

  1. Biomaterials, 2014

Comprehensive textbook on biomaterials. Covers materials and their biocompatibility as well as their specific application to different fields. Of interest to anyone needing an understanding if materials used in contact with biological tissue.

  1. 9780805856279Handbook of human factors in medical device design, 2010

Provides a design process guide but not specific guidelines. Highlights the most important human factor issues facing device developers such as establishing design priorities, user needs, preferences and expectations, and testing and evaluation in a number device areas. Of interest to most people working in this field.

Other resources


A key database that links to a list of over twenty titles published by McGraw-Hill that cover a wide variety of topics in the field of biomedical engineering. Of varying degrees of relevance and usefulness depending on your particular area of interest.

Key Journals

Find thousands more resources at the IMechE online library.

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers



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