Hill's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

William Brasier Hall: 23rd September

Hill's membership form
Hill’s membership form

Graduate 1895; Member 1900.

Engineer, HMS “Duncan”.

Engineer Commander, Royal Navy, HMS “Venerable”.

Served on the Belgian Coast and in the Persian Gulf.

1918 Obituary 

Engineer-Commander WILLIAM BRASIER HALL, R.N., was born at Leeds on 13th February 1875.

His early education was received privately, after which he went to Torbay College, Torquay.

In 1890 he entered the Royal Naval Engineering College, Devonport, and was rated probationary assistant engineer in July 1894. He then attended the course of instruction at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, until July 1895, when he obtained a first-class certificate, and was employed in the Fleet Reserve, at Devonport for a few months.

From March 1896 until August 1899 be served as assistant engineer in H.M.S. “Imperieuse,” flagship of the Pacific Station, and then went to the Admiralty as Engineer Assistant from 1901 to 1904. As Engineer-Lieutenant he was appointed Assistant to the Engineer-Commander on the Staff of the Rear-Admiral commanding the Second Cruiser Squadron, during the visit of this squadron to the United States 1905 to 1907.

In 1910 he was sent to join H.M.S. “Fox” on the East Indies Station, and for services at the Persian Gulf he was awarded a medal. At that time also he received his promotion to Engineer-Commander.

During the early days of the War, his ship took part in the bombardment of the German batteries on the Belgian Coast, and later on he served throughout the Dardanelles campaign. In the autumn of 1913, he was taken ill whilst serving in the Mediterranean and came home with his ship, H.M.S. “Venerable,” some months later. Whilst temporarily relieving another officer for a few weeks he became too seriously ill to remain on duty and was invalided.

His death took place at Stonehouse, Glos., on 23rd September 1917, in his forty-third year.

He was elected a Graduate of this Institution in 1895, and a Member in 1900.

Institution First World War Honour Roll

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