New Science Direct e-books

IMechE members now have access to new e-books through Science Direct on topics from materials and medical devices to waste management and oil and gas engineering. Click the links in the list below to download the full text of the books as PDF documents. Visit Library Search to explore the full range of resources.


Microfabrication and Precision Engineering
Editor: J. Paulo Davim
Who is it for? Manufacturers, design engineers and R&D managers working in the automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics and medical engineering industries. Materials scientists, mechanical and electronics engineers working in microfabrication and precision engineering fields


green buildingHandbook of Green Building Design and Construction
Author: Sam Kubba
Second edition
Who is it for? Civil Engineers, Construction Project Managers, and Environmental Engineers


carbon composites

Carbon Composites
Second edition
Author: Deborah Chung
Who is it for? Senior undergraduate students, graduate students, professionals working with composite materials and carbon fibers


medical devicesManaging Medical Devices within a Regulatory Framework
Editor: Beth Fiedler
Who is it for? Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Engineers, Clinicians, Medical Device Developers, Management in Medical Device Hospital Departments


waste managementSolid and Hazardous Waste Management
Authors: M.N. Rao Razia Sultana Sri Harsha Kota 
Who is it for? Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Environmental Analysts, and Environmental Risk Managers



oil and gasPractical Engineering Management of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms
Author: Naeim Nouri Samie
Who is it for? Offshore Field Managers and Engineers, Project Engineering Managers, and any other interested Offshore Oil and Gas Personnel


Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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