Crofton's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

Edward Vivian Morgan Crofton: 14th July

Crofton's membership form
Crofton’s membership form

Graduate 1912.

Assistant, Dolby & Williamson Consulting Engineers.

Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, 61st Filed Company.

Killed in action, France.

Irish national.

1917 Obituary 

Lieut. EDWARD VIVIAN MORGAN CROFTON, R.E., was born in Dublin on 24th June 1889.

He was educated privately and at Cheltenham College, after which he took the three years’ course at the City and Guilds Central Technical College, receiving the diploma of Associateship.

In August 1911 he entered the office of Messrs. Dolby and Williamson, consulting engineers, Westminster.

He joined the Royal Engineers (Spec. Res.), as 2nd Lieut. in June 1913, serving 8 months at Chatham and 4 months at Gibraltar. When war broke out, he trained a new Field Company of Royal Engineers for some months, and was promoted Lieutenant in 1916.

His death took place in action in France on 14th July 1917, at the age of twenty-eight.

He became a Graduate of this Institution in 1912.

Institution First World War Honour Roll

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