New Science Direct e-books

We now have access to lots of new e-books through Science Direct on a range of topics such as materials, project management, programming and aerospace engineering. IMechE members can click the links in the list below and download the full text of the books as PDF documents.

LesterProject Management, Planning and Control
Author: Albert Lester
Seventh edition
Who is it for? Ideal for those studying for Project Management Professional (PMP) qualifications.



Forsthoffer’s More Best Practices for Rotating Equipment
Author: Michael S. Forsthoffer
Who is it for? Ideal for engineers working in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of power machinery.


Applied plasticsApplied Plastics Engineering Handbook
Editor: Myer Kutz
Second edition
Who is it for? Ideal introduction for both new engineers and experienced practitioners entering a new field or evaluating a new technology.

PolymersHandbook of Polymers
Author: George Wypych
Second edition
Who is it for? Includes practical data on the most widely used polymers for engineers and materials scientists in design, manufacture, and applications research.

AutocadUp and Running with AutoCAD 2017
2D and 3D Drawing and Modelling
Author: Elliot Gindis
Who is it for? Emphasises core concepts and practical application of AutoCAD in engineering, architecture, and design.

A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
Author: Stormy Attaway
Fourth edition
Who is it for? Assuming no knowledge of programming, this book covers both programming and built-in functions to easily exploit MATLAB’s extensive capabilities for tackling engineering problems.

aerospace propulsionTheory of Aerospace Propulsion
Author: Pasquale M. Sforza
Second edition
Who is it for? This updated edition teaches engineering students how to utilise the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to analyse aircraft engines, understand the common gas turbine aircraft propulsion systems and much more.

An Introduction to Aircraft Certification and Operations
Third edition
Who is it for? A user-friendly reference guide for certification engineers engaged in professional training and practical work in regulatory agencies and aircraft engineering companies.

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