Recently we were invited to visit the workshops at the National Motor Museum where they are working to restore the 1927 1000hp Sunbeam twin engines that hopefully be running again in March (more on that in a future post!).

The Museum tells the story of the advancement of the motor cars and propelled transport, from penny farthings, to steam cars, to icons such as the mini to super cars and motorbikes. All the vehicles featured here (and the others) can be looked up online. Alongside the vehicles, there are displays of games, picnic baskets, lights, china- in fact everything the discerning motorist might need (or just want). There is also the Abbey and Palace on the site. Here at IMechE, we have been working to digitise our automotive collections – if you are interested in items not featured online or have any questions please email (these records include those of the Institution of Automobile Engineers).

Super cars and race cars

For Britain and for the hell of it, is the tag line given to the super car gallery- these British were all record holders. Racing has taken place almost since the first car rolled out and its development is celebrated here.

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Some vehicles have an evocative power that is hard to measure; be in 1960s experiments to create ever smaller cars, the buzzing Vespa, the beautiful Silver Ghost or the roaring Harley-Davidson.

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Used as communicative channels in wars, raced on tracks and spiriting around country lanes, motorbikes have varied uses and have long been central to our need for speed.

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Other spaces

The site can be traversed on a monorail, you can visit the Abbey and church, go around the Palace (where the original Museum was based) and as well as looking at vehicles, you can enjoy motoring memorabilia.

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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