The IMechE Library have put together a special, seasonal reading list of selected UK and international papers from a variety of engineering industries including the automotive, aerospace, building and chemical industries. Topics include; building insulation, lighting and heating efficiency and studies on snow, de-icing and the effects of weather conditions on the ground and in the air.

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Building heat and light efficiency

  1. Ruokamo, Enni. 2016. Household preferences of hybrid home heating systems – A choice experiment application. Energy Policy 95 : 224-37.
  2. Cooper, Samuel, Geoffrey P. Hammond, and Marcelle C. McManus. 2013;2012;. Thermodynamic efficiency of low-carbon domestic heating systems: Heat pumps and micro-cogeneration. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy 227 (1): 18-29.
  3. Hunt, Walter, George Gurlaskie, and Ron Domitrovic. 2014. Residential heating efficiency comparison for differing heat pump types and sizing methods. ASHRAE Transactions 120 (1): CC1.
  4. Wang, Dexin, Ainan Bao, and William Liss. 2012. Development of high efficiency home heating and humidification technology. ASHRAE Transactions 118 (2): 523.
  5. bin Shammuin, Mohammad Hafizuddin, and Boon Tuan Tee. 2014. Preliminary study of alternative wall insulation materials for home residence. Applied Mechanics and Materials 699 : 384-7.
  6. Levy, Jonathan I., May K. Woo, and Yann Tambouret. 2016. Energy savings and emissions reductions associated with increased insulation for new homes in the united states. Building and Environment 96 : 72-9.
  7. Byrne, Aimee, Gerry Byrne, Garrett O’Donnell, and Anthony Robinson. 2016. Case studies of cavity and external wall insulation retrofitted under the irish home energy saving scheme: Technical analysis and occupant perspectives. Energy and Buildings 130 : 420-33.
  8. Foulds, Chris, and Jane Powell. 2014. Using the homes energy efficiency database as a research resource for residential insulation improvements. Energy Policy 69 : 57-72.
  9. Hosseini, Mirata, and Hashem Akbari. 2016;2015;. Effect of cool roofs on commercial buildings energy use in cold climates. Energy & Buildings 114 : 143-55.

Climate, roads, vehicles, snow and de-icing

  1. Chen, Suren, and Feng Chen. 2010. Simulation-based assessment of vehicle safety behavior under hazardous driving conditions. Journal of Transportation Engineering 136 (4): 304-15.
  2. Lee, S., J. Kwak, H. Kim, and J. Lee. 2013. Properties of roadway particles from interaction between the tire and road pavement. International Journal of Automotive Technology 14 (1): 163-73.
  3. Dean, William P., Brittain J. Sanford, Matthew R. Wright, and Jeffrey L. Evans. 2012. Influence of de-icers on the corrosion and fatigue behavior of 4140 steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 21 (11): 2340.
  1. Lobão, J. A., T. Devezas, and J. P. S. Catalão. 2015. Energy efficiency of lighting installations: Software application and experimental validation. Energy Reports 1 : 110-5.
  2. Pourbagian, Mahdi, and Wagdi G. Habashi. 2015. Aero-thermal optimization of in-flight electro-thermal ice protection systems in transient de-icing mode. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 54 : 167-82.
  3. Shajiee, Shervin, Lucy Pao, and Robert McLeod. 2014. Optimizing the layout of heaters for distributed active de-icing of wind turbine blades. Wind Engineering 38 (6): 587-600.
  4. Soare, Liviu, and Daniel Dobre. 2014. Concept and 3d modeling of ground de-icing system with application in light aircraft. Journal of Industrial Design and Engineering Graphics 9 (2): 17.
  5. Ahn, Byung-Lip, Ji-Woo Park, Seunghwan Yoo, Jonghun Kim, Hakgeun Jeong, Seung-Bok Leigh, and Cheol-Yong Jang. 2015. Synergetic effect between lighting efficiency enhancement and building energy reduction using alternative thermal operating system of indoor LED lighting. Energies 8 (8): 8736-48.
  6. Wise, Jeff. 2012. Arctic engineering.(construction of an igloo). Vol. 189. New York: Hearst Magazines, a Division of the Hearst Corporation.
  7. Dagenais, François, Jonathan Gagnon, and Eric Paquette. 2016. An efficient layered simulation workflow for snow imprints. The Visual Computer 32 (6): 881-90.
  8. Ifraimov, S. V., and A. S. Kuleshov. 2013. On moving chaplygin sleigh on a convex surface. Automation and Remote Control 74 (8): 1297-306.
  9. Styring, Peter, Alexander F. Routh, and Samuel Parkinson. 2012. Friction reduction using self-waxing alpine skis. Sports Engineering 15 (3): 117-27.
  10. Evette, André, Laurent Peyras, Hugues François, and Stéphanie Gaucherand. 2012. Environmental risks and impacts of mountain reservoirs for artificial snow production in a context of climate change. Revue De Géographie Alpine(99-4).
  11. Overland, James E., Kevin R. Wood, and Muyin Wang. 2011. Warm Arctic—cold continents: Climate impacts of the newly open arctic sea. Polar Research 30 : 1-14.
  12. Nemoto, Masaki, Takeshi Sato, Kenji Kosugi, and Shigeto Mochizuki. 2014. Effects of snowfall on drifting snow and wind structure near a surface. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 152 (3): 395-410.
  13. Rotary snow plow named asme landmark2015. Vol. 137. New York: American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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