Deakin's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.


Deakin's membership form
Deakin’s membership form

Associate Member since 1903, proposed by Henry Selby Hele-Shaw; Member 1915.

At the outbreak of war he was a Resident Engineer, Arrols Bridge and Roof Co.

Wartime posting(s) was/were, Captain, Royal Engineers, Inland Water Transport.

1916 Obituary 

Captain GEORGE WELSBY DEAKIN, R.E., was born at Birkenhead on 13th September 1877.

He received his scholastic education at Wirral College and Birkenhead School, and his technical education at University College, Liverpool.

In 1894 he began an apprenticeship with Messrs. Beloe and Priest, consulting engineers, Liverpool, and after its completion in 1898 he was engaged as assistant engineer to Mr. W. E. Thornhill on the Chester—Holyhead widening scheme of the London and North Western Railway.

After an illness of some months’ duration, he returned to Messrs. Beloe and Priest in 1899, by whom he was engaged as chief assistant, and in the following year he acted for the same firm as resident engineer on the construction of Bebington Sewage Works.

On the completion of this work in the following year he became resident engineer for Arrol’s Bridge and Roof Co. on the construction of the transporter bridge over the River Mersey between Widnes and Runcorn.

Subsequently he acted in a similar capacity on the Talgarth District Waterworks, Brecon, the Ashton swing bridge at Bristol, and the Gosport Waterworks aqueduct, etc.

In March 1915 he received a Commission as Captain (temporary) in the Royal Engineers, after training at Longmoor Camp, Aldershot, and from there he was transferred to the War Office, soon after being promoted to Staff Captain. Owing to the arduous nature of the work, which entailed the supervision of vessels constructed for the purpose of filtration and purification of water for the troops abroad, his health broke down, and phthisis developed.

He was removed to Trearddur Bay, near Holyhead, and afterwards to West Kirby, Cheshire, where his death took place on 21st March 1916, in his thirty-ninth year.

He was elected an Associate Member of this Institution in 1903, and was transferred to, full Membership in 1915; he was also an Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and a Member of the Liverpool Engineering Society.

Institution First World War Honour Roll

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