Inchley's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

William Inchley: 19th December

Inchley's membership form
Inchley’s membership form

Graduate Member since 1902; Associate Member 1911.

At the outbreak of war he was Lecturer/Demonstrator in Engineering, University College Nottingham.

Wartime posting(s) was/were, Lieutenant, Duke of Wellington’s West Ridings Regiment, 3rd Battalion and 9th Battalion (Reserve of Officers).

Killed in action, France.

1916 Obituary 

Lieutenant WILLIAM INCHLEY was born at Nottingham on 24th November 1883.

He was educated at All Saints’ School, Nottingham, and at University College, Nottingham, where he entered as a Bursar, attended a three years’ day course in Engineering, and gained the Associateship of the College in 1901. During his College course he took first place each year, and in 1900 gained first prize, with the Silver Medal in Mechanical Engineering of the City and Guilds of London Institute. Later be graduated as B.Sc. (Engineering) of London University.

From 1902 to 1907 he served an apprenticeship with Messrs. R. Hornsby and Sons, Ltd., of Grantham, where he was engaged on the design, manufacture, testing, and installation of oil-engines and steam-boilers.

In January 1907 he was appointed Demonstrator and Lecturer in Engineering at University College, Nottingham, and occupied this post until his death. He was the author of two text-books, “The Theory of Heat Engines” and “Steam-Boilers,” which are regarded as standard works. He was also joint author of “Elementary Applied Mechanics,” and wrote several Papers to the Technical Press giving results of original research work.

He became attached to the O.T.C. of Nottingham University College, holding the rank of colour-sergeant, and in November 1913 he received a Commission in the Reserve of Officers. On the outbreak of the War he was posted to the 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, and was engaged in the training of recruits.

In December 1914 he was ordered to the Front, and passed through severe fighting around Ypres and Hill 60. At the latter place, on 5th May 1915, Lieut. Inchley was “gassed” whilst gallantly rescuing a fellow-officer who had been overpowered by the gas used in great volume by the Germans. After treatment in France and sick-leave in England, he returned to garrison duty on 17th July at Tynemouth Castle, and was ordered back to France in September.

On 19th December 1915 he was killed, at the ago of thirty-two, during an attack by the Germans with high explosive shells and asphyxiating gas.

He became a Graduate of this Institution in 1902, and was awarded a prize for a Paper on “Steam-Engine and Boiler Trials,” read before the Graduates’ Association in the Session 1908-9.

He was elected an Associate Member in 1911.

Institution First World War Honour Roll

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