Casson's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

Captain William Casson: 25th September

Casson's membership form
Casson’s membership form

Associate Member since 1904; Member 1912.

At the outbreak of war he was Chief Assistant Engineer, Central London Railway.

Wartime posting(s) was/were, Major (Acting Lieutenant Colonel), London Regiment, 7th Battalion.

Died at Loos.

Awarded: Mentioned in Dispatches and Territorial Decoration (gallantry award).

1915 Obituary 

Captain WILLIAM CASSON was born at Portmadoc on 18th August 1873.

He was educated at the Grammar School, Ruthin, North Wales, and at the City and Guilds Central Technical College, where he obtained the Diploma of Associate of the City and Guilds Institute.

From 1893 to 1895 he was with the Electrical Installation Co., Ltd., after which he was for four years at the Elswick Works of Messrs. Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth and Co., Ltd.

In 1899 he became engaged, together with Mr. H. F. Parshall, on designing, erecting, and testing. He was chiefly concerned with the work of planning and building the London United Tramways and the electrification of the District and Metropolitan Railways.

He joined the staff of the Central London Railway as chief assistant to Mr. Grove in 1907, and remained as chief assistant to Mr. Agnew after the amalgamation of the Central London with the Metropolitan Railway.

Captain Casson was an enthusiastic member of various Volunteer Regiments for twenty-five years. He attained his rank in 1903 in the 7th Battalion, the London Regiment, and at the outbreak of war undertook Imperial Service obligations. On 25th September 1915 he was commanded to lead the British attack at Loos on the extreme right flank, and to seize and hold a dangerous but highly important position. This he accomplished with a skill and courage that was the admiration of all who witnessed it, but he was instantaneously killed by a sniper as he stood on the parapet of the trench rallying his men.

He was elected an Associate Member of this Institution in 1904, and was transferred to full Membership in 1912.

Institution First World War Honour Roll.

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