Tebbutt's membership form


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

Oswold Neville Tebbutt: 15th March

Tebbutt's membership form
Tebbutt’s membership form

Graduate Member since 1914.

At the outbreak of war he was Cement Works Manager, East Anglian Cement Co.

Wartime posting(s) was/were, Captain, Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion.

Killed in action at St Eloi.

1915 Obituary 

  • Captain OSWOLD NEVILLE TEBBUTT was born at Cambridge on 15th October 1890.

He was educated at St. Faith’s School, Cambridge, at Northdown Hill School, Margate, and at the New School, Abbotsholme. He matriculated at the University of London in 1908, and entered McGill University, Montreal, in the same year, graduating Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineering) in 1912.

In the latter year he returned to England, and became manager of the Shepreth Branch of the East Anglian Cement Co., Ltd., and later manager of the Linley Branch.

In September 1912 he joined the 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment, and was gazetted Captain in September 1914.

While reconnoitring at St. Eloi he was killed by shell on the night of 15th March 1915, in his twenty-fifth year.

He became a Graduate of this Institution in 1914.

Institution First World War Honour Roll.

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