One of the newest services in the IMechE Virtual Library, ebrary, offers books from a whole range of publishers and allows you to download chapters or whole books to your PC, tablet or mobile, so you can consult technical data or catch up on professional reading wherever you are working, or when you are on the move.

One Young Member commented:

“24/7 access is particularly useful when working out in the field, away from company resources. Access to credible information sources when trying to solve problems ‘on the fly’ is very important – especially full text versions of reference books/text books! I’m able to research a problem and find solutions from my hotel when I’m on the road, or even from the job site.”

ebrary also covers all UK-SPEC competencies required for professional registration – from technical engineering knowledge and data, to general management topics like managing projects, leading teams, budgeting, and quality management.

This service complements the Springer and ScienceDirect databases, which already give members access to technical handbooks from the world’s two biggest STM publishers, and one of the most popular databases in the Virtual Library, Knovel.  Knovel allows you to download chapters from 400 key engineering handbooks and has just been improved with the addition of a new data search option to enable you to look up and manipulate a wealth of technical data in interactive tables and graphs.

To try out these resources please log in to the Virtual Library.

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers


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