Plate from 'Internal-Combustion Engines for Marine Purposes', 1914


First World War Journals

From 1914-1919 IMechE published a round robin journal, relatively informal it lets you know what was happening within the Institution and some activities members were undertaking; crucially in relation to WW1.

The 1914 edition features a section on the Summer Meeting in Paris, detailing activities to be undertaken and giving practical advice such as how to travel from Hull to Paris. The Meeting took place just weeks before the outbreak of WW1 and a display case off our Reception features related material (until Autumn 2014). In 1915 we find discussions surrounding the possibility of manufacturing wartime munitions in India. In 1919 we learn that HM Forces are considering demobilizing ‘pivotal men’ from the forces to allow them to return to engineering sectors.

Regular features include: paper abstracts including that for the first to be presented by a women, Olive Monkhouse on female munitions workers, 1918; examination/candidate lists; honour roll lists and information on the number of members serving, including names of serving members and often details of how/where they were killed or wounded ; announcements of events like the Thomas Hawksley Lectures; details about 1 Birdcage Walk/Headquarters and its requisition by the government; details on special forces units set up with the help/support of IMechE for example, the Engineering Unit of the Royal Navy and other wartime information such as on war loans; and information on additions to the library and archive collections.

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Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers


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