Library from above


Engineering workshop model, based on Royal Arsonal workshop
Engineering workshop model, based on Royal Arsonal workshop

In a joint project with Max Communications we are developing an exciting new remote learning space.

The first new resource is a virtual library tour which will allow researchers to discover our library from the comfort of their own homes, wherever those homes might be. Use the target points to move around the page, test the link on the computer screens and go to the left-hand mantel piece to see samples of 3D objects in-situ.

Try our tour test page now

Alongside the virtual library tour we are creating a virtual museum: to provide access to our models, objet d’art and busts. Most of these items are currently inaccessible. For the first time researchers will be able to fully explore our item collections. 3D items will appear in-situ as part of the tour for example, a 3D rendering of our Workshop Model. A whole new gallery will be created for items currently not in the library.

Try our 3D object test now

Do let us know what you think and send us your ideas for how the new 3D gallery should look, comment here or email us at

Library from above
Library from above

Archive and Library homepage

Note: all images are tests and so lighting, information etc are not as they will appear on the final version.

Archive, Institution of Mechanical Engineers


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